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Soft ice cream 'Children Desire' 500g

Ice Cream containers, 500 g“CHILDREN”Soft ice cream weighing 0,5 kg, which has a membership of prese..

19.43 AED Ex Tax: 18.50 AED

Mashed Raspberries with sugar 250g

Raspberries strained with sugar are known to be beautiful remedy for colds and just delectable ingre..

10.50 AED Ex Tax: 10.00 AED

Mashed Cranberries with sugar 250g

When strained with sugar, cranberries retain most of its benefits, Use it for preparing drinks and a..

10.50 AED Ex Tax: 10.00 AED

Mashed Buckthorn with sugar 250g


10.50 AED Ex Tax: 10.00 AED

Mashed blueberries with sugar 250g

Even being strained with sugar, bilberries retain most benefits, So, enjoy its summer taste at any t..

10.50 AED Ex Tax: 10.00 AED

Mashed Black currant with sugar 250g

Currants are the berries that are best suited for tasty muffins or vitamin compote drink, NUTRITIONA..

10.50 AED Ex Tax: 10.00 AED

Ice Cream Plombir 'The Esquimau' 450g

Having thoroughly examined the recipes, following which the premium plombir ice cream was produced i..

18.38 AED Ex Tax: 17.50 AED

Ice cream Plombir 'Eskimos' 80g


3.68 AED Ex Tax: 3.50 AED

Ice cream cone 'Tartufo' 100g


4.41 AED Ex Tax: 4.20 AED

Ice cream cone 'Impreza Three Chocolates' 100g

Meet a new cone in a new packaging! Such cone you have not tasted yet! The combination of three choc..

4.20 AED Ex Tax: 4.00 AED

Eskimo ice cream 'Empire' Yogurt-blackberry

Empire Jam — is cream based yoghurt ice-cream with cherry jam candied with white chocolate, NUTRITIO..

4.20 AED Ex Tax: 4.00 AED

Ice cream cone 'Toffee' 70g


3.78 AED Ex Tax: 3.60 AED