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Condensed milk with sugar 380g


7.50 AED Ex Tax: 7.14 AED

YARO Candies "Old School Peanut" 18g New
YARO Candies "Salted Caramel" 18g New
YARO Cookies "Choco Cookies" 36 g New
YARO Oat cookies "Classic" 36 g New

YARO Oat cookies "Classic" 36 g


8.19 AED Ex Tax: 7.80 AED

Buckwheat 900g


13.99 AED Ex Tax: 13.32 AED

Spring Melody, herbal tea, foil termosashe

A pleasant tartness, delicate shade of cool taste of thyme and peppermint notes create a unique bouq..

13.50 AED Ex Tax: 12.86 AED

Golden Ceylon, black tea, foil termosashe

Black Ceylon tea with bergamot flavor, Intertwined citrus aroma accentuates the exquisite compositio..

12.75 AED Ex Tax: 12.14 AED

Milky oolong tea tb 1.8g x 20


15.95 AED Ex Tax: 15.19 AED

Black tea rich ceylon tb 2g x 20


14.99 AED Ex Tax: 14.28 AED

Pickled cornichons 500g


21.75 AED Ex Tax: 20.71 AED

Marntd champignons 460g


21.75 AED Ex Tax: 20.71 AED