Organic Milk

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Milk organic pasturized 2,5% 1000g

Organic pasteurized drinking cow milk with mass fraction of fat 2,5%DSTU 2661:2010Ingredients: organ..

25.20 AED Ex Tax: 24.00 AED

Cottage cheese organic 9% 300g

Organic lactic cheese with 9% of fat acc, to DSTU 4554:2006Ingredients: milk normalized from or..

29.40 AED Ex Tax: 28.00 AED

Cottage cheese organic 0,2% 300g

Organic fat-free lactic cheese acc, to DSTU 4554:2006Ingredients: skimmed milk from organic who..

25.46 AED Ex Tax: 24.25 AED

Sour Cream organic thermostatic 15% 270g

Organic sour cream with 15% of fatacc, to DSTU 4418:2005Ingredients: cream from organic whole cow mi..

16.28 AED Ex Tax: 15.50 AED

Sour Cream organic thermostatic 20% 270g

Organic sour cream with 20% of fat acc, to DSTU 4418:2005Ingredients: normalized cream from org..

16.80 AED Ex Tax: 16.00 AED

Bryndza cheese organic 45% 200g

Organic fat brynza with 45% of fat in dry substance acc, to DSTU 7065:2009Ingredients: organic ..

19.95 AED Ex Tax: 19.00 AED

Butter organic 82,6% 200g

Butter Organic 82,6% Organic Milk, 200 gIngredients: cream, made ​​with cow's milk *, * produ..

20.74 AED Ex Tax: 19.75 AED